Doing the GBC exam via Video VoIP

These days more and more students are taking the GBC exam via Video VoIP. There are advantages to this, for example, you don’t have to worry about a congested commute to the exam centre and you can take the exam in the comfort of your own home.

With this in mind, English Vanguard has come up with the following list to help your interview go smoothly.

Before the exam:

  1. Internet – Check your internet connection before the exam.
  2. Device – Make sure the devise you’re going to use in the exam is fully charged. Keep chargers close by.
  3. Sound – Do a sound check if possible.
  4. Headset – Use a headset. This will make the audio clearer for you and the examiner.
  5. Location – Find a quiet, comfortable spot in your home. If possible, make sure there’s a wall behind you. People walking in the background can be distracting.
  6. Lighting – Make sure the room is well-lit. If you’re in a room with a window, sit in front of the window. If you’re in a dark room, position a desk lamp in front of you. If your source of light is behind you, above you or to your side it will create a silhouette and dark shadows.
  7. Declutter – Make sure the area you’re using is tidy and free of clutter. A clean, tidy space will help reduce your nervousness and make you less anxious.
  8. Dress for success – You may be tempted to wear your pajamas or comfortable room wear. However, dressing smartly can put you in the right frame of mind.

During the exam:

  1. Camera Angle – Position the camera just above eye level so you’re looking up slightly. This helps to keep your eyes open and focused and your chin up.
  2. Video – Switch on your camera during the exam (I had one student who didn’t and got low marks in body language and eye contact).
  3. Eye-contact – Look into the camera lens to maintain ‘natural’ eye contact. If you look at the examiner on the screen your eye contact will fall downward or off to the side.
  4. Posture – sit upright and do not slouch. Sit at a desk if it helps you maintain a professional posture.
  5. Body language and gestures – Set the camera a short distance from you, about arm’s length, so the examiner can judge your body language and gestures.

The English Vanguard A.I. Powered automated interview system can help you practice for your upcoming Video VoIP GBC exam. Our interview software keeps track of your body language, facial expressions and eye contact. At the end of your automated interview, you will receive a video recording of your performance together with an AI report and feedback from one of our highly qualified teachers.

Sign up today for an English Vanguard Automated Interview.

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