About English Vanguard

Sharla Mohammed

Sharla Mohammed is an English Language teacher with over 15 years’ experience.  She is based in Japan and has also taught in Europe and the Caribbean. Sharla is constantly researching new and innovative ways to effectively instruct her students. She is particularly interested in the intersection of technology and education in promoting learner autonomy. To this end, she decided to apply her teaching experience and training to the burgeoning world of online instruction. She offers her students a blended asynchronous and synchronous approach to language learning and GBC exam preparation.

English Vanguard

English Vanguard is an online English language learning provider offering courses in business English.
We help your company achieve its global aspirations by giving your employees across the globe a common language.  
We use our expertise to turn your company’s language skill from an area of risk into a business asset. 
I took Sharla’s online course to improve my GBC score. After starting several lessons with her, I realized that she is not only very competent as a GBC instructor but also quite encouraging as your training partner. She is also good at giving insightful advice and effective feedback based on a wide variety of her professional experiences. She can tailor your class effectively as you progress as well. It is undoubtful that she is one of the best English training partners I have ever had!
Consultant, Japan

What makes us different

We have written the first ever G.B.C. eBook – The English Vanguard series of eBooks and accompanying audiovisual material will demystify this difficult exam. 

The English Vanguard G.B.C. eBooks examine over 300 G.B.C. questions. Every question has a suggested answer (both in written and audiovisual format), relevant grammar, vocabulary, a workable structure, and a high concept. Our eBooks provide the scaffolding you need to bridge your business knowledge with your language competence.

Evergreen G.B.C. eBooks – We constantly revise our eBooks with brand new content. 

We use the information gathered from our AI driven automated interviews to identify your learner needs.  We promise our content will always be updated and relevant.

We do not use a one size fits all approach – Thanks to our comprehensive eBooks you will have at your disposal more than just the Aristotelian structure. 

We will show you different ways of incorporating sound reasoning into all of your answers.

We put our teachers to the test – If our teachers cannot answer the G.B.C. questions why should we expect our students to do the same? 

Each G.B.C. question in our eBooks has been answered by one of our teachers, using the same format outlined within the eBooks. None of the answers were written. They were delivered orally and spontaneously, to mirror the real G.B.C. exam.

We offer an asynchronous option to G.B.C. exam preparation – you can book a G.B.C. Exam Simulation 24/7 without the need to schedule a lesson or a teacher. 

Our G.B.C. Exam Simulator uses state-of-the-art and trusted software, allowing you to focus on your fluency while giving you access to over 300 G.B.C. questions.

Get the most up-to-date and high frequency G.B.C. questions in real time – we are constantly updating our library of G.B.C. questions with the help of G.B.C. test takers. 

This information allows us to determine the most popular G.B.C. exam questions around your test date. Our G.B.C. exam question poll is updated weekly, as long as you are active on the English Vanguard site you will have access to the poll.

G.B.C. exam question predictor – From time to time new questions based on current world events and trends come up in the G.B.C. exam. 

We will try to predict these questions and prepare you for them.

Receive immediate feedback – Our feedback is very detailed and takes into account the criteria of the real G.B.C. exam. 

You will receive an interview summary report that follows the G.B.C criteria, an AI generated report that includes a transcript of your interview, a language analysis and a summary of your interpersonal skills.  An assessor will also review your interview and transcript to give additional feedback on your performance. We also provide the video link to your interview so you can track your progress over time.

Track your progress – With our G.B.C. Exam Simulator you have the option of saving your video recording after submission, thereby allowing you to track your progress over time.

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