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The Global Business Communication (G.B.C.)  Assessment, formerly the Foreign Service Interview (F.S.I.)  is an interview exam. This assessment is used by companies to track and measure their employees’ English communication skills. G.B.C. scores play an important factor in a company’s decision to hire or promote an individual.

The G.B.C. Assessment is administered face to face, over the telephone and more recently, over a virtual meeting platform, such as Skype. The exam is audio recorded and your performance will be assessed by a G.B.C. English Assessor. This assessor will score the strengths and weaknesses of your English Language proficiency and your interpersonal communication skills.

There are examination centres throughout Japan.  Berlitz centres

The G.B.C. Assessment is a 20-minute exam. It’s a one-on-one interview in which you are asked 5 questions and if necessary, relevant follow up questions. You are not given time to prepare your answers and should therefore respond spontaneously.

Ideally, quality should determine the length of your answer, not quantity or time. Fluency and delivery of well-structured answers in a timely manner are also considered.

Click here for a sample G.B.C. marksheet from Berlitz Japan. In each category you will receive a score from 1-5, 1 being the lowest or relative area of weakness and 5 being the highest or relative area of strength. Think of the scores this way: 1 – Always, 2 – Often, 3 – Occasionally, 4 – Rarely, 5 – Never.

The G.B.C. exam requires proficiency in different genres of English all of which are covered in our courses. At English Vanguard we offer training courses that guarantee high quality delivery of your answers. Develop your English proficiency, broaden your repertoire of sophisticated grammatical structures, vocabulary and mental frameworks by booking one of our live lessons, reading our G.B.C. eBooks and applying what you’ve learned.

The English Vanguard eBooks are the closest you’ll find at the present time to a GBC textbook. However, we are currently working on publishing the first ever full textbook for this exam. Every question has a suggested answer (both in written and audiovisual format), relevant grammar, vocabulary, a workable structure, and a practical application. Our eBooks are divided into 20 volumes, each volume contains 5 chapters, and each chapter offers an insight into 3 G.B.C. questions. Therefore, you will have access to 15 G.B.C. questions per volume.  


We recommend the G.B.C. Exam Simulator to both seasoned test takers who are committed to continued development and also newcomers to the exam who wish to gain valuable practice. Our G.B.C. Exam Simulator is an automated and autonomous tool, giving you access to over 300 G.B.C. questions 24/7. Receive detailed feedback within 48 hours and a certificate of completion.

As with any exam situation, students may feel challenged to respond to questions that they would not have to answer even in their native language. Our eBooks solve this problem by analyzing over 300 G.B.C. questions, suggesting a workable structure, relevant grammar and a practical application. Use our eBooks in conjunction with the G.B.C. Exam Simulator or a face to face lesson.

In our discussion lessons you will have an opportunity to interact with one of our highly qualified teachers. Our graded (CEFR A1-C1) discussion lessons are tailor-made for the G.B.C. exam and cover high frequency G.B.C. topics.

Each discussion lesson may include a short reading text, comprehension check questions, a grammar point, a vocabulary list and relevant G.B.C. questions, depending on the needs of each student. Based on the needs-analysis conducted by our trainers, you will get the practice you need to analyze current issues, consider different perspectives and confidently approach the exam. 

We are not an exam centre. However, we will give you all the practical information necessary to register for the exam.

Introductory Pricing

Discussion or G.B.C. practice – 5,100 yen

Student discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.

Receive 10% discount when you share the questions from your most recent G.B.C. Assessment.

Discounts cannot be combined.

Technical Questions

Yes. Before purchasing any of our courses you will be prompted to create a student account.

In our live discussion lessons, we use Zoom and Skype.

The English Vanguard G.B.C. Exam Simulator uses a built-in interview software that is fully integrated into our website. There’s no need for you to download anything.

Payment, reschedules and cancellation policies.

You can pay securely by credit/debit card on the English Vanguard website.

Yes. You can reschedule or cancel a lesson 24 hours before your lesson. You will receive an email notification 14 hours before the start of your lesson.

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