Assessment 1

We recommend the G.B.C. Exam Simulator to both seasoned test takers who are committed to continued development and also newcomers to the exam who wish to gain valuable practice. Our G.B.C. Exam Simulator is an automated and autonomous tool, giving you access to over 300 G.B.C. questions 24/7. Receive detailed feedback within 48 hours and a certificate of completion.

Course Instructors

Sharla Mohammed Sharla Mohammed Instructor

Sharla Mohammed is an English Language teacher with over 15 years’ experience. She is based in Japan and has also taught in Europe and the Caribbean. Sharla is constantly researching new and innovative ways to effectively instruct her students. She is particularly interested in the intersection of technology and education in promoting learner autonomy. To this end, she decided to apply her teaching experience and training to the burgeoning world of online instruction. She offers her students a blended asynchronous and synchronous approach to language learning and GBC exam preparation.

Mike Kettle Mike Kettle Instructor

Hello! My name is Mike Kettle and I have been teaching Business English and practices for over 8 years. Throughout my career I have worked in a number of diverse business settings, which have each given me excellent opportunities to develop strategies and skills that help navigate the numerous challenges that come with working in new cultural environments. These insights have been invaluable in helping me to formulate long-lasting relationships with colleagues and associates around the world. Employing these insights, I will help you to become prepared and conformable as you set out on the exciting new directions your career is about to take you.

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