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At English Vanguard we understand you’re a busy professional who does not have the time to attend a traditional brick and mortar English school. While there are many great General English and Business English textbooks available, none of them specifically target the GBC exam.

To date there are over 300 GBC questions. Our approach in these eBooks is to tackle each individual question and show you an effective way to answer them. We do this by analyzing what the question is really asking, a suggested approach and structure, appropriate grammar and language, a model answer to the question and an audiovisual recording of the model answer.

The suggested approaches and structures are not set in stone. We want you to think of the different structures as tools in your language kit that can be used and repurposed to fit any question that is thrown at you in the exam. The purpose of these eBooks is to give you different perspectives and to spark your creativity and curiosity. Within these eBooks we’ll show you more than the Aristotelian argument structure.

Our model answers are by no means the only answers, as there are no right or wrong answers in the GBC exam. Feel free to challenge our answers, disagree with them, improve on them with your specialized knowledge.

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